Chiappa SAA22 Buntline 22LR 12″ Barrel 6 Rounds Blued


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Popular legend has it that old west lawman Wyatt Earp carried a long-barreled Colt Single Action Army presented to him by dime novelist Ned Buntline, who had five of them commissioned. However, no evidence has been found that Colt actually manufactured a “Buntline” revolver prior to its description in a largely fictionalized biography of Earp in 1931. This modern day reproduction of a long barreled Single Action Army features a 12″ barrel, adjustable sights and a matte black finish.

Specifications and Features
Chiappa 340.241
.22 Long Rifle
Single action only revolver
12″ barrel
6 rounds capacity
Adjustable sights
Plastic grip
Weight 45 oz
Matte black


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